Our story

Mike and Hannah Gush 

We have been married for over 10 years, have 2 lovely daughters, and have both grown up in and live in Halifax, West Yorkshire, which is a town historically known for British wool cloth production and commerce.

There is some debate about who's more Yorkshire (one by accent, one by birthplace) but we're both proud of our Yorkshire roots and have a longstanding appreciation of our local industrial heritage. Since being married we have collected blankets, bobbins, shuttles, and wool on an ever-increasing scale and have dreamed and talked about working in a mill for as long as we can remember. That dream has now come true as we now run our textiles business from the mills... from an old 1850s mill in the Calder Valley.

A few years ago, we started selling blankets bought from other local weavers, which we still do to this day. It was not long after this that we realised we wanted to be involved in textile manufacturing ourselves. So we started buying yarn, developing knowledge about the processes involved and building relationships within the industry.  We then went on to design and produce our own small batches of blankets, working closely with local suppliers and weavers.


Loom & Bobbin was our first range of blankets, with the Eshton blanket released in Autumn 2018, inspired by Welsh Tapestry and Fairisle knitting and fuelled by Han's passion for colour and pattern.

 This year, we have brought out a different, more rustic range of blankets called brood. The focus here is on texture, subtle pattern and beautiful colours.

We also continue to sell blankets made by local and British weavers in our range The Weaving Shed UK.



Things seem to have come full circle as Han's grandfather worked at Moderna, a local blanket mill down the valley from us.  We are passionate about Britain's textile industry, and love being immersed in the world of wool and weaving.

We hope others will share our appreciation and find something they like among our ranges.